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Are you a wholesaler?

Are you a wholesaler? Or maybe your just interested in finding out a little more about our company and the process behind making an all natural product or the industry itself. Either way you have come to the right place. Here on our dedicated resources page we would like to better inform you of the product and process that makes up Real Aloe, our company, and the industry we are involved with. Real Aloe has been in the Aloe Vera Business since 1972. We use only fresh Aloe leaves grown in the U.S.A.; therefore, the Aloe vera used in our products has never been frozen, freeze-dried, or reconstituted from a powder. We believe the original method of “hand filleting” the leaves, allows us to maintain the maximum biological activity and effectiveness from the Aloe leaf.

Another argument that rages on is the difference of opinion between those promoting so-called "whole leaf" Aloe Vera and those who only use the inner gel. Real Aloe, Inc. only uses traditional hand fillet inner gel. It is well established that the inner gel contains most of the beneficial parts of the plant and little of the less beneficial. Those of us who promote products based on the inner gel alone maintain that our product is as close to "straight from the plant" as the preservation process allows.

The promoters of "whole leaf" Aloe Vera maintain that as they use all the leaf, their product must be more abundant in the good properties of Aloe Vera. However, the components most likely to destroy the poly-saccharides (thought to give Aloe Vera its renowned properties) - cellulose and bacteria are present in Aloe Vera leaves just under the rind or on the surface of the leaf. Certainly "whole leaf" manufacturers use carbon filtration or other techniques to filter out the impurities in the puree whole leaf and these are thought to also filter out many of the beneficial constituents. The following is a short description of the two process used in the Aloe vera industry.

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